How much RAM do I need?

How much RAM do I need? This is the question in your mind while building your own PC or buying a prebuilt PC or buying a Laptop then you are at the right place for a precise answer.

Our recommendation

We recommend a minimum of 4 GB for the very light users and on Chrome OS. In most cases, 8 GB RAM will be the minimum requirement for productivity and gaming. However, if you are a gaming enthusiast or using the demanding application for video editing and CAD then 16 GB would be appropriate.

If you would like to know more details on our recommendation please read on…..

Have you ever wondered why your system runs slowly whenever you launch some software? Or why your laptop seems to freeze when you multitask it with many programs running at the same time? The reason is simply that, your ram is too small compared to what your computer needs at the moment.

What is RAM?

Before we dive into complex details, let’s start with the basics. RAM is an acronym that stands for Random Access Memory. The RAM is the short term memory of your computer. It is that place your system saves your data while you work with your computer first before your information will be moved over to the long term storage.

What this implies is that the RAM stores information only when your system is powered on. In a situation where your computer loses power, or you accidentally turn off your laptop, you will lose all the information in the RAM.

Files in the long term memory can stay for a long time. An example of the long term storage is the hard disk drives (HDDs) and the solid-state drives (SSDs). The amount of RAM your computer has, directly affects the performance and speed of your system.

In recent times, individuals have discovered that their need for RAM has increased. The RAM space allocated to games, web pages, and software programs has increased when compared to five or six years ago.

With the increase in the need for more RAM, it is ideal that you have a fair knowledge of the various RAM sizes available in the market. Gamers that are interested in knowing how much RAM do I need for gaming will also find this knowledge helpful.


This RAM size is the least available in the market today. With this RAM, you can only carry out a few basic operations like web browsing, word processor, and emails on older operating systems or maybe on chrome OS.

You should know that while browsing with this 1GB RAM, having too many tabs open will affect the speed and efficiency of your system. It is advisable to avoid using 1GB RAM. The 32-bit version of Windows can run on 1GB RAM but you are also advised not to use it. Your system might end up crashing down.


If you own a 32-bit version of Windows 10, the minimum system RAM required to run windows 10 is the 2GB RAM. But with this RAM, you can also carry out basic operations on your systems.

The fact that your system can work with a 2GB RAM is not a guarantee that you will have a very fast and smooth running experience when using your computer. Chances are, you might get frustrated by the speed of your system. If you will like to know how much ram does windows 10 use for smooth running then you should read about the 4GB RAM below.


It will interest you to know that many windows 10 systems come with 4GB RAM. However, if you are running a 32-bit system processor with a 4GB RAM, your system will not have access to use about 1.8GB of the installed RAM. The reason for this is something called “system addressing limitations”. Alternatively, when running a 64-bit operating system on a 4GB RAM, you will be able to use the whole 4GB RAM.

With the 4GB RAM, you can do just about any basic operation with it. You can enjoy web browsing with a few tabs open, entry-level gaming, word processor, etc. Mind you that most graphic design software programs will not run smoothly on the 4GB RAM.


Moving on to 8GB RAM, with this RAM you can be assured of speed. For most gamers, 8GB can be your best bet. You can play games such as Apex legend, battlefield V, PUBG, Shadow of the tomb raider, Division 2, and many others.

You can run many programs and use your system to run some graphic software programs such as AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop, etc. Rendering photo editing can work smoothly with the 8GB RAM. However, you need to know that you can only use a 64-bit operating system with the 8GB RAM.


Ever thought you have seen the best, but only to find out that there’s more? This is the best explanation for the 16GB RAM. With this RAM you can stop worrying about how much ram do I need for my computer. For gamers, your gaming experience is moved to a whole new level.

You can run 4 to 5 heavy applications at the same time and not worry about the speed of your system. For graphics and design applications, you can run CAD, Photoshop, 3D modeling software at the same time. Also, don’t forget that you can only use 16GB RAM with an operating system of 64-bit. Having a 16GB RAM is rewarding especially when you need to use virtual machines at the same time.


Moving on further to the most epic RAM size is the 32GB RAM. Although you can only use the 32GB RAM along with a 64-bit operating system don’t forget that a 64-bit Windows 10 Pro can also carry a 2TB (terabyte) of RAM.

So far, no game can use up to 16GB RAM how much more 32GB RAM with the 32GB RAM you can do just about anything you want to do with your computer without worrying about the speed of your system.


To answer this question correctly you must first be able to answer the question of what do I need RAM for. Your computer cannot work without RAM. But knowing how much RAM you need, depends on what you want to use your system for. Below is the summary of the major reason you might need a computer for and the recommended RAM size for each use.

Web browsing:

Web browsing can function with just about any RAM size. However, you may experience some glitch when you are browsing with many tabs open at the same time this awful experience is common when your laptop runs on a 2GB RAM or less. To enjoy a fast and zero frustrating web browsing experience users are advised to use 8GB RAM size.


How much RAM do you need for gaming, many games are frequently asked this question. Many game descriptions these days recommend 16 GB RAM but the thing to keep in mind is that system requirements for some games are not often validated well.

Many games that asked you to use a RAM size of 16GB can get by just fine on 8GB RAM with a very low-performance drop (if any). Some games make use of over 8GB RAM.

Also having 8GB RAM can hinder your ability to do anything else while we are playing the game such as streaming, web browsing. So we recommend 16GB as a sweet spot for gamers. Also, some motherboards have four RAM slots which make it possible to be able to upgrade to 32GB RAM if you can afford it.

The best system used for gaming needs to have quality graphics and processing hardware.

Content consumption (Netflix, Prime, etc)

How much ram do I need for the windows 10 system to stream the media? This is another frequently asked question and the answer is a 4GB RAM should be enough to allow you stream movies and music no matter how heavy the audio or video may be.

However, it is important to note that using the 4GB RAM for streaming videos and audios online while doing other things might make your system speed a little bit slow. So if you want to multitask with your laptop and stream the videos and audios at the same time it is best to get an 8GB RAM.

Graphic design and photo editing:

When it comes to running graphic or photo editing software programs on your system this software consumes a whole lot of RAM. Autodesk recommends that to use AutoCAD on a laptop, the laptop should have at least 8GB RAM however a 16GB is not a bad idea.

Other design software such as SketchUp Revit can manage to run on 4GB RAM but it is always recommended to use at least 8GB RAM.

How much ram do I need to run photo editing software like Photoshop, affinity, Adobe, etc? Some of this software can function with any RAM (apart from 1GB RAM) you run them on. A good example is Photoshop but software experts recommend using at least 8 GB RAM having a 16 GB RAM is always a plus especially when you need to carry out an urgent task.


If you fall into this category of RAM users it means that you use your laptop for word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, PDF files, and images. Normally, when you start using any of these software programs they do not exceed 4GB of RAM requirement.

But as you progress with your work, open large files and open more than four of these software programs, the RAM you use will increase. With 4GB RAM, you can do a lot of work but if you work with large files, you should consider getting at least 8GB RAM.

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