When will GTA 6 be released? On what PlayStation will it be released? A lot of people go online in search of answers to these questions. Why? GTA is a game title that has proven to be a game that virtually everyone enjoys. Since 1997, Rockstar, the manufacturer, has continually kept its audience on its heels.

From the original GTA till the current version, GTA 5, which is doing over 130 million units in sales worldwide. In order to predict the GTA 6 release date, let’s have a look at the pattern of release of all the GTA’s.



Since the dawn of time, marketing has been a very crucial aspect of the success of any organization. Depending on its financial caliber, the success of each company varies.

In its 10-k sec filing (Securities and Exchange Commission), Take-two interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games, reveals its marketing plans. It is expected that the company will spend about $89 million on marketing around the month of March and April 2023 – 2024. The spike has proven to predict release dates for titles in the past, like Red Dead Redemption 2. If this is correct, the GTA 6 release date will most likely fall around 2023 or 2024.

This marketing budget increase may very well be due to other factors. So, until Rockstar Games makes an official statement, we can only make speculations.


Recently revealed by Take-two president, Karl Slatoff, the company is said to have 93 full game releases over the next five years, making it the strongest line-up in the company’s history.

According to him, 13 of these are casual games, 17 will be arcade or mid-core, and the remaining 63 for core gaming experiences.

From this report, GTA 6 coming out in these five years might be very likely as it can come under the core gaming experiences. However, as said earlier, no one knows for sure.


Another GTA 6 leak is making rounds, though this shouldn’t get you too excited, given that the post has been deleted. Nonetheless, it is fun to keep our imaginations going for what the future holds for GTA 6.

According to the leak, a game referred to as project America has been in the works since 2015, though it was put on hold while Red Dead Redemption 2 became the focus.

So, if you ask, “when is GTA 6 coming out?” Well, we can expect it to be released under the name Project Americas, according to the leak, the “insiders” know it by that name.

The leak says GTA 6 will be played across several decades (the 1970s to 1980s) and locations (Vice and Liberty cities in addition to the city inspired by Rio de Janeiro). The game will involve a protagonist, Ricardo, an aspiring drug lord, with heavy inspiration from Netflix’s Narcos series. Though it is unlikely that the leak is true, that doesn’t rule out some possible elements.


Present for over 21 years now, Rockstar released the original GTA in 1998. After a one-year break, GTA 2 was released in 1999. Both these series are in the 2D universe. Now in the 3D universe, GTA 3 was released in 2001. GTA stories like Vice City, San Andreas, and Advance Liberty City were all released before GTA 4 in 2008, giving the longest break of 7 years, until now.

During its initial release in 2013, GTA 5 received a lot of praise and was described as “generation-defining and exceptional”. With these release patterns, you might think the next release is this year. With the look of things, GTA 6 coming out in 2020 is definitely not happening.

To further understand the delay in GTA 6 release, it’s important to consider some factors.


Formally released on PS4, GTA V is now said to be re-released on new-gen consoles, including PS5 in the second half of 2021. This implies that there will be massive improvements, visual upgrades, and enhanced performance. This is in a bid to further improve user interface by cashing in on the new hardware.

So if GTA 5 is to be released next year, the probable answer to the question, “when is GTA 6 coming out?” is more or less 2022 or beyond.


The multiplayer version of GTA v, GTA online, is said to be released as a stand-alone version also in the second half of 2021. This version will only be available to PS5 players in the first three months of release. PlayStation Plus members currently on PS4 are also said to get GTA$1,000,000 deposited in their in-game bank account within 72 hours of log in each month. This is to continue until the launch of GTA online on PS 5.

All these GTA news points to the fact that Rockstar isn’t planning to release its hold on GTA V anytime soon.


Founded by brothers, Dan and Sam Houser, Rockstar has been able to produce highly fascinating game titles. Dan Hauser, a co-founder and also the all-time vice president of Rockstar exited the company on some times this year. He “touched” virtually all the game titles and was the creative force behind Rockstar’s success.

Just like any organization, the administration has a large influence and impact on the company. The exit of its co-founder might have also been a cause behind the delay in GTA 6 rockstar release, who knows.


Starting in late 2019, the Coronavirus has hit a lot of sectors of the world’s economy. Ranging from health, education, small and large-scale business, and so on. Did it also have its toll on the gaming industry? Probably yes. 

To curb the spread of the virus through close contact, movements have been restricted significantly. Without a doubt, game developers are also humans with blood in their veins. These games require filming and some other close-contact activities. It will be counterproductive to risk their lives while trying to work. This also might have brought a delay in GTA 6 release date 2021 hopes you might have had.

GTA 6 ON PS4? 

Initially released on PS3, GTA V was released on PS4 in addition to significant graphics improvements, new weapons, collectibles, vehicles, and cash bonuses. All these made the experience of playing GTA V a better one by far.

After waiting for seven years and still counting for the next-in-line GTA, Rockstar announced that GTA V will be re-released on the new-generation consoles promising further upgrades. The kind of enhancements are not yet known but it is now obvious that GTA 6 for PS4 players is virtually impossible.


Rumors have it that GTA 6 would allow players to transit between a lot of big cities including Liberty City and Vice City. These cities are set to feature in addition to a major stretch of highway and countryside like that of Blaine county at the center of it all.

Interestingly, a code name “GTA 6 LSVCLC” has been given to represent GTA 6 Los Santos Vice City and Liberty City as the proposed locations for GTA 6.

Without a doubt, this info should be taken with a pinch of salt since news for GTA 6 location has not been made public by the gaming company itself.


Over the years, there has been a sequential increase in the GTA download sizes. To match upgrades and title releases, several generations of video game consoles have also been released.

The Xbox series, a product of Microsoft which first debuted in 2001 has generally proven to be a better console to host the GTA games even if there is no big difference as regards the specs.

GTA5 is currently hosted on Xbox one amongst other consoles like PS4. With the recent announcement that GTA V will be extended on the PS5 and the next generation of Xbox series, the GTA 6 Xbox one combo might not be a feasible one after all.


The amazing thing about Rockstar Games is its secrecy. No trailer about GTA 6 is going to leak out unless someone massively screws up.

Judging from what Rockstar did with GTA v and Red Dead Redemption 2. It enticed an announcement a few days before releasing the first trailer for both games.

If there’s a trailer, you will know about it because the Internet is going to explode — and we will inform you too. But as of now, we are not expecting one soon.


Can a website artwork be an indication of a promising GTA 6 news concerning its imminent release? Well, when it comes to Rockstar, it can’t be ruled out, as the announcement of GTA5 and RDR 2 was done subtly by a change in its Twitter logo.

The update includes an addition to the side menu that is unrelated to any of the existing games on Rockstar’s shelf. The first artwork is a feminine Android in a swimsuit hugging the company’s logo and behind it is a bottle of champagne with “1998” (Rockstar’s year of establishment) on it, while the second is a blue and red logo with various Rockstar’s slogans like “killing dreams”, “fighting the righteous” and “bullying the weak”.

While we would like these artworks could be GTA 6 rockstar teasers, they probably are just cool designs for the developer’s website. The pictures appear as backgrounds when you open the site’s menu, implying that they are not anything to really get excited over.


Although no concrete reports yet, every available leak and rumor points towards GTA 6’s map is massive, potentially spanning the entirety of the United States. With this size, there might be a radical change in the transportation system.

A rumor places GTA 6 in a London setting, closer to Rockstar games’ British home. This was deduced from a comment by Dan Hauser saying, GTA 6 is used to English and American settings and is not necessarily limited, with London being the only non-US location to be a potential GTA plot.

Undoubtedly, GTA 6 release date 2021 and beyond holds a lot of surprises which we hope will be worth the wait.


Last year, rumors have it that Sony will be interested in acquiring Take-Two interactive. The rumor stemmed from a report by MarketWatch in a note that reads, “Take-Two interactive software shares rose 4.7% following rumors that Sony Corporation is in advanced acquisition talks”.

This is a mere rumor as a spokesperson for Sony has debunked the claim. If the rumors were true and Take-two is acquired by Sony, this can end the hope for a GTA 6 for PS4, as the next title will most likely be a PS5-exclusive.


DJ Lazlow Jones is a well-known voice on GTA radios across several games, but it has been confirmed that the voice actor has left Rockstar Games.

Lazlow, a writer, and producer on the GTA series, worked with Rockstar for almost 2 decades and contributed to GTA3, Vice City, GTA 3, and 5 in addition to some other GTA series.

His LinkedIn profile says he left Rockstar in April and now works with companies like Disney and Netflix. Nevertheless, you should take these details with levity as the ultimate news for GTA 6 will be from Rockstar Games itself.


The upcoming video game consoles, Xbox series X and S are scheduled to be released the next year 2021. The Xbox X which is the high-end model and Xbox S, the low-end model will be packed with a load of “goodies”.

Microsoft is focusing on hardware performance, support for higher frame rates and resolution (up to 8k), reduction in loading time using high-speed SSD, and real-time ray tracing. All these packed into what might be the smallest Xbox ever.

What is certain is that the usual GTA 6 Xbox One and PS4 combo will pale under the specs of the next-gen consoles.


GTA in VR could be feasible if the post from a development studio in Australia is something to go by. Video Games Deluxe says it is prepping for an AAA open-world title in virtual reality for Rockstar. The studio has worked on VR adaptation for LA. Noire and PSVR, so this isn’t off the charts.

Could it be GTA 6? Probably not. GTA 5 looks more feasible since it is already popular and has been said to be expanded and enhanced for PS5, indicating potential involvement of PSVR 2.

GTA 6 release date still seems far-fetched but a VR version of GTA V isn’t.


GTA v is one of the best video games available for PS4 and Xbox one, making the craving for its sequel, GTA 6, very high. Aside from the missions and endless possibilities, the most intriguing hope is regarding the protagonist.

It has been rumored that a female player will arrive in the GTA world for the first time and even Rockstar games didn’t reject this hypothesis of introducing a female character.

Having said, that GTA 6 coming out with an added feminine touch is very possible but the male protagonist will continue to be the fulcrum.


Comprising Rockstar games veterans, builder of Rocket games, headed by Leslie Benzies, looks to dethrone GTA in the sandbox genre.

“Everywhere”, a rival game being developed by one of Rockstar’s competitors recently received a financial pump of over $40 million from several investors.

Having outgrown its former competitors, Driver, and Saints Row years back, it’s about time the GTA franchise is given a run for its money.

If you ask, “When is GTA 6 coming out?” you might also be interested in knowing where the $40 m injection came from. The everywhere project successfully coaxed this sum from various investors, with the lion’s share coming from a powerful Chinese firm, Netease.

Players’ eyebrows should rise learning that the benefactor is Netease, a Chinese business cluster that operates as a tier of the Chinese government and is immersed in the gaming industry, buying power and influence over companies worldwide.

Irrespective of which game tops the coming generation of consoles, it is not a difficult guess that consumers might lose the worst.

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